We are survivors & fighters of breast cancer located in Hastings, MN and we are here to help you!

Together we can create hope!

WELCOME to the Hastings Breast Cancer Support Group Website.  We are sorry that circumstances in your life or in the life of someone you love have brought you here.  As a support group, we offer no magic pill that will take away your personal pain.  We do offer understanding; because each of us has made the journey you are now walking.  We do offer a safe environment where you can question and seek answers, laugh and cry, share your concerns, and grow in knowledge, understanding and compassion.  Most of all we do offer HOPE!  Your own hope will grow as you meet women of all ages who are newly diagnosed, who are now undergoing treatment, who have lived with their illness for years and even those who are considered cured.  We all have one thing in common; we see each day as a precious gift to be lived to the fullest.  WELCOME!

Our Mission

Women helping women providing hope

  • To support women through their breast cancer experience.
  • To provide a safe supporting environment where women's emotional needs shall be met.
  • To provide education and information regarding breast cancer to survivors, caregivers and their family members.
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Have Questions?

Be sure to check out our FAQ area for answers to some common frequently asked questions people have asked us in the past. If you can't find the answer to your question, please contact us.

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