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Voices of Hope is an outreach project of The Hastings Breast Cancer Support Group. Its inspiration stems from the recognition that a powerful and neglected source of breast cancer expertise is the peer group – women who have experienced the challenges of this disease firsthand.

Inspired by the stories of these brave women, our organization saw an opportunity to spread this wisdom beyond the boundaries of our local support group. In 2010, the original Voices of Hope DVD was created to provide a virtual breast cancer support group that would help other breast cancer patients navigate the early weeks of breast cancer treatment, from diagnosis to first plans of action. A diverse group of women and stories are reflected within the video, helping to empower recently diagnosed breast cancer patients with hope, inspiration, and highly useful breast cancer information. The positive responses to this video have been overwhelming, with thousands of copies now circulating throughout the United States and Canada.

Based on feedback we received from friends and family members of breast cancer patients who viewed Voices of Hope, we created a second documentary, Voices of Hope: Family and Friends. This well-received DVD focuses on the stories of spouses, partners, children, friends, and others who have supported breast cancer patients throughout their journey. Both newly diagnosed breast cancer patients and friends and family members of breast cancer patients have found this new DVD to be an invaluable source of comfort and education.

Both videos are available for distribution directly to women who have been diagnosed, breast cancer physicians and medical professionals, support group leaders, and other cancer care coordinators. Please note that these videos are not-for-profit and that Voices Of Hope makes no income from this labor of love. However, due to the costs associated with production and distribution, any donation is greatly appreciated!

A quilt made by hand at home is constructed with love throughout each and every stitch. The project involves the use of diverse materials of varying shapes, colors and sizes that when put together become a new whole with intensified strength and fresh beauty. This is true of a breast cancer support group as well. Using the diversity of the group members along with the common experience of breast cancer renews each individual giving strength and hope to the group. The love part, the family feeling, takes time, just as quilting takes time, but the sisterhood formed is resilient.

Hearing the words, "You have cancer" sends your world out of control and turns your life upside down and inside out. Whatever is said after that "C" word is lost to your consciousness. Fear, hopelessness, despair and a feeling of being physically separated from other people is where your reality is at that point. You desire comfort, warmth, protection, love, courage and hope but are unable to grasp them. What would feel better at that moment than having a quilt wrapped lovingly around your shoulders by someone who has been there, someone who has walked the walk? Comfort, warmth, protection, love, courage and hope are all present in the quilt and in the Voices of Hope DVD series creating a virtual support group and that offering of love and hope so needed at the time of diagnosis. So, why not a quilt?

Voices of Hope

To view the entire DVD's (Voices of Hope and Voices of Hope: Family & Friends), click here.

"Voices of Hope was a godsend! It helped me better understand what I was in for in a way no doctor could convey."

Carolyn Schaar
Hastings, MN

"This video made the biggest impact on my newly diagnosed mother. It gave her hope, confidence, empowerment and peace."

Josephine Gilpatrick
Riverton, WY

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